SMMS (SoftRithm Madrasa Management System)

SMMS (SoftRithm Madrasa Management System) is a browser based powerful management solution purpose built for madrasa and other schools to manage staff, students, fees, incidents and more.

In a madrasa, data and information management is a vital necessity. A major part of the working time is gone wasted due to the manual documentation process and other manual things. Thus, the online ERP software was invented to save time and minimalizes chances of errors. With these, the educational institutions can automate the whole documentation process. Technologically advanced ERP software can help Madrasa staff to record larger data and other dealings in just one place without going anywhere and also within a short span of time. These benefits lead to higher productivity, more efficient operations and diminish errors.

SMMS (SoftRithm Madrasa Management System) | Benefits

Increase effective communication between departments
Allow authorities to access information they need from anywhere
Streamline processes across various department
Provide a bird’s eye view of an organization’s overall operations
Better manage an organization’s finances

SMMS (SoftRithm Madrasa Management System) | Features


System Administration
Master Setup
Core Academic System
Strong Dashboard

Financial Accounts
General Accounts
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Fixed Asset Management


Student Main
Student Master
Prepare Attendance Sheet
Student Attendance
Student Pre Registration
Student Fees
Exam Schedule and Routine Management
Session Setting
Exam Sit Plan Setting

Human Resource Management
Leave Management
Attendence Management
Payroll Management
Customize Reporting System
Log activity


Tools Used:

Framework : J2EE, Spring, Hibernate
UI Technology : Google Web Toolkit (GWT), GXT
Web Server : Apache Tomcat
Front end: jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS
Database: MySQL
Reporting Tool : JasperReport
Mail Transfer Protocol : SMTP

Operating System (OS) Independent
Browser Independent

We can add or customize our modules as per business policy.

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